My name is Koray and I am a techaholic.

I have graduated from Erciyes University as an Electrical and Electronics Engineer with an electronical application thesis about keystroke dynamics

Being a strict follower of current programming and electronics technological developments, I prefer working on new projects and using new technologies to make them work. As a side job, I used to develop Drupal based web projects for different needs. For example, while one project was about real estate (it was built on 2010 with Video upload, and location/mapping support), another one was about private shopping (automated publishing/unpublishing of campaigns and products referred to that campaign, credit card payment etc.).

I also enjoy working with different languages. For example Node.js is a fun to use platform and I mostly use it on my testing environments while monitoring tracking devices / sensors etc. I always try to learn new programming languages and develop my projects using them. Since I enjoy "learning new stuff", I always try to spare time for (mostly free) online lectures provided by different organizations (Coursera, Udacity, MIT EdX, IEEE WCET)

Translation is also one of my skills on the side. I have made translations for some TV Series, Documentaries, user manuals for technological devices and technical documents. I was also one of the first Turkish translators for TED Open Translation Project.

Currently I am working on Lane Controller applications for Electronic Toll Collection systems. Below are some of the projects I worked on:

  • Istanbul (Turkey) - PTT - SGS Free flow HGS (UHF-RFID) Toll Collection System for Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
  • Manila (Philippines) - SMC - Stop & Go Toll Collection System Upgrade for UHF-RFID Support which allows a single lane to both use CASH/UFH-RFID/DSRC fare collection at the same time
  • Istanbul (Turkey) - IDO - HGS Payment Integration
  • Istanbul (Turkey) - IstanbulLines - HGS Payment Integration

Below are some of the software technologies I repeatedly use on my projects.

  • Drupal/PHP (2005 - )
  • C (2011 - 2013)
  • Scala/Akka/Camel/Google Protocol Buffers (2013 - )
  • Logstash/ElasticSearch/Kibana (2014 - )

If you like, you can follow me up on a more regular basis via below social platforms:

Or you can follow my IndieWeb struggles on Ayak.org